In-Store Shopping Dynamics and Smart-Shopping Carts Koert van Ittersum

Professor of Marketing and Consumer Well-being

University of Groningen


Eighty-five percent of leading retailers indicate that engaging their customers during the shopping trip using customer-facing technologies (e.g., smartphones, smart shopping carts, handheld scanners) is one of their top business opportunities. In order to optimally engage customers at any point during their shopping trip, it is important to have a better understanding of how their in-store shopping decisions evolve while shopping. This enhanced understanding would provide retailers a better framework to offer customized and timely promotions, optimally design store and shelf layouts, recommend additional products, and present relevant product information. In this colloquium, Van Ittersum will share insights from published and ongoing research on in-store shopping dynamics with respect to shoppers’ spending behavior as well as the healthiness of their purchases and the associated win-win opportunities for retailers interested in offering smart-shopping carts to their customers.